Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sealed Cup Manual Pad Printer

Sealed Cup Manual Pad Printer Video Clips. Duration : 2.82 Mins. LC Printing Machine Factory Limited Application Applicable for small round surface as well as flat surface printing, such as cell phone button,golf, toy, Pens, PC Mouse, Small electronic accessories etc. Sealed Cup Manual Pad Printer Specifications: Sealed cup manual pad printer 100MT 1.Plate area: 100×214mm 2.Dimension: 400 × 220 × 490 mm 3.Net weight: 30 Kg 4.Printing speed: 500pcs/H. 5.Max printing area:70×150mm. 6.Horizental Stroke:100mm 7.Vertical Stroke:60mm Advantages: 1. Sealed Cup Manus operating . 2. Easy to change plate. 3. Lower price. 4. Coin aluminum structure. 5. Sealed cup is more environmental protection and ink saving. Machine Fittings: 1.One pad 2.One steel plate 3.One operation manual.

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