Monday, August 27, 2012

ASC365 Pad Printing Metal Plate cliché Making Etching Process Instruction

ASC365 Pad Printing Metal Plate cliché Making Etching Process Instruction Video Clips. Duration : 9.60 Mins.

Pad Printing Metal steel Plate Making Instruction Pad Printing Plate (cliché) Making Process Liquid introduction: No.1: Cleaning liquid No.2 :Photosensitive liquid No.3: Developing liquid No4: Etching liquid No5: Stripping liquid 1. Cleaning plate first with no.1 liquid to remove oil, dust. Wash cleaning liquid off with water and then towel off water 2. Put the plate in the spinner machine, and fix the plate. Swill a little no.2 liquid on the plate and make the liquid evenly scattered on the plate . Then, cover the spinner machine 3. Turn on the spinner machine. Turn it off after 30 seconds.(Don't make the machine work too fast. The faster it works, the thinner the coated layer would be . The coated layer can't be exposured well if it is too thin.) 4. Take the plate out from the spinner. Make sure the layer is rather flat, no air bubble, dust. Use heat gun or hairdryer heat plate to make coated liquid dry fast. 5. Place transparancy film(ink side touch plate)on the plate, then fix it by tape. Put the plate in the exposure unit, then place soft material on top of the plate, make sure plate and film touch well. Cover the machine , push the button of the machine to make it work. Set 50 seconds. (The time is not absolute for different exposure unit, you may have a try.) 6. Using no.3 liquid dissolve unexposured parts. Just make the liquid cover all the design. Dithering plate about 30-40 seconds. Wash off liquid. Heat the plate with the hairdryer .Go to next step until the he ...

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