Sunday, August 26, 2012

Workhorse Products Factory Tour

Workhorse Products Factory Tour Tube. Duration : 9.13 Mins.

See how Workhorse Products manufactures the world's best screen printing equipment in Phoenix, Arizona. The folks at Workhorse Products were gracious enough to let me poke around the factory floor and shoot whatever I thought was interesting. There is no way this video can ever begin to convey just how big and impressive this factory is. I forgot to shoot the dozens of warehouse aisles containing spare parts for every machine they have ever made. And then there is the loading dock and shipping yard that is the size of a couple football fields. It's great to see a successful and expanding manufacturer doing their thing right here in the USA. Wow, my feet are killing me after this visit!Let us send you more information and complete specifications on our Workhorse Products screen printing equipment. Call Bob Drake at Performance Screen Supply 800-659-8337 ext 10 for more info. We sell screen printing supplies and equipment including Workhorse Products, Tuf Product, Odyssey Equipment, Hix heat transfer machines, Tekmar Spot Cleaning Supplies, Xante Screenwriter, silk screen mesh, exposure calculators, Chromaline emulsion, capillary film, Laser film positive, Wilflex Series One plastisol ink, Fimor squeegees, screen making chemicals, heat transfer papers, vellum paper, r-tape, camie spray adhesive, newman roller frames, training video. We also sell embroidery supplies including Madeira thread, HV backings, Solvy, Diamond Needles, Mundial scissors ...

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