Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to Dye a Synthetic Wig Using FW Ink

How to Dye a Synthetic Wig Using FW Ink Tube. Duration : 5.58 Mins.

HOLY FO SHIZZLE READ ME. EDITAGAIN: apynip : "you can also use speedball inks. they are acrylic based water resistant and permanent . They dont come in as wide of a variety of colours but they should work just as well. They are also cheeper. I can get them on sale for 1.07 at hobby lobby ( gratent thats in clearance...) thanks for teh tut i've been looking for some otehr purpose for this blonde wig i've had. I can dye it for my natsuo wig and not spend an extra 40+ dollars for a wig thats not even teh right colour! thanks!!! me and my friend tried it out yesterday. It worked amazingly. Along with the Bombey india ink. It works in the same process. Just be very careful in covering the cheap white craft fur if your doing neko ears it tends to want to not take alittle you just have to make sure you coat it well and let it dry throughly. Cheers!" EDIT: Oki. Sooo...I got a question about doing small streaks...or something like that...and I forgot my answer, BUT I just realized! Eheh. If you need to do a TINY area in a specific color and your wig is light enough, you color it directly with Sharpie and rinse it with cool water. For example: White wig + Purple streak = Yippee! or Light purple wig + Dark purple roots = Yayz. BUT: A black wig + blond streaks = Boooo. Or a brown wig + white roots = OH NOES. Soo...if you need to do light parts on a dark wig, sew in some wefts, dummy! There ARE a few tutorials out there...Katie Blair...I think. I know a few on deviantArt, too ...

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