Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Drawing / Painting Glass of Water (Part 2)- Illustration Markers, Color Pencil and Oil Paint

Drawing / Painting Glass of Water (Part 2)- Illustration Markers, Color Pencil and Oil Paint Tube. Duration : 4.45 Mins.

I am going to be using illustration markers, color pencils and oil paint. Just drop me a line if you have any questions In step 1 I scanned and reprinted my original drawing- I do this for 2 reasons- 1.) If I mess up, I could just reprint it and 2.) marker and color pencil coexist better with printer ink than with graphite from a pencil. Next I add a layer of the illustration markers. These markers are totally transparent and they enable me to add a layer of color and still be able to see the lines from my pencil drawing. These markers give the artist a similar effect to watercolor paint, but without the messy setup and clean up.. I am still following the Polaroid picture development analogy from the first video- in that I am adding color to all areas at an even pace and slowly building up the darker tones on the sides and bottom of the glass. The color pencil is great at this point of the drawing, because it adds a translucent layer of color above the marker. In addition to that, color pencils are mixed with wax. The wax will be very handy in the next step when I add oil paint on top of the marker and color pencil. Working with color pencil also allows me to be very precise with my marks on the page. It can be very challenging to be as accurate with a paint brush. This step allows me to make my drawing more accurate and these clarifications will eventually be absorbed by the oil paint. Now you are going to see me add three layers of oil paint to finish my drawing. I am ...

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