Friday, September 14, 2012

TELEPORTATION - REPLICATORS - Hidden/Suppressed Technologies

TELEPORTATION - REPLICATORS - Hidden/Suppressed Technologies Tube. Duration : 6.82 Mins.

The Replicator Technology being in essence similar to that demonstrated in Startrek, but with the difference of deriving the base Material for the replication process directly from "nowhere"! At least it would seem to be obtained from nothing, but in actuallity it is derived from the "Electrons" of which there is more than an abundance within the universe, The Principle basically being, the derivation of the necessary Material through the building of an "Electron Cloud" which in turn automatically attracts "Protons" and "Sub-atomic Particles" to form Atomic and Molecular Structures, Specific varietys of Energy-emission are used in influencing the outcome of the process to derive different aterials, the entire process occurs within portions of a second or several seconds depending on the density of the wanted Material or Structure, the Complexity of the Structure is irrelevant, it could be "slightly" comparable to the function of a Digital Printing Machine, regardless of the complexity of the Image to be printed, the Printer will take the same effort to print, only the more Material to be used, in this case "Ink", the Printer would take longer, To explain exactly how the Electrons are used to create useable material is beyond my own understanding of higher Multidimensional Physics, but part of the understanding is to realise that the universe is initially a Thought Consciousness Matrix, similar to a computer program, and this way it could be understandable at least "why ...

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