Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Epson DX5 Print Head Recovery with Print Head Doctor 3

Epson DX5 Print Head Recovery with Print Head Doctor 3 Tube. Duration : 4.00 Mins.

Epson DX5 are one of the most difficult print heads to recover. They are easily damaged with the excess pressure, ultrasonic vibrations, and chemistry of the fluids. Print Head Doctor is the only way to clean DX5 print heads safely and effectively. Epson DX5 heads come with different variations of the manifold. The adapter of Print Head Doctor allows mounting of all kinds of DX5 manifolds. On this video we are working with a Mutoh Valuejet 1614 print head which requires an additional riser block for a proper mount. We insert a so-called Ultrasonic Dampening Plate in the tank. The purpose for this plate is to reduce the amount of ultrasonic energy delivered to a print head and thus minimize the risk of print head damage. Our first set-up is Reverse Flushing with Suction Method. All eight ports of a print head are connected to the input filters on the Print Head Doctor's tower. Both output ports must be capped and the Relief Valve must be open. We use the Syphon cycle (F6), which keeps the fluid pump on for 30 minutes, and the ultrasound is turned on at a 50% duty cycle. The first thing we see is that some tubes are sucking in a lot of air, which signals a poor connection between the print head and the tubing of Print Head Doctor. As we tightened both mounting screws a little, all connections were fixed except for one (the 4th port from the left): it kept sucking in air. Then we detached the tubing and tested the 4th port with a syringe filled with the same recovery fluid ...

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