Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Newspaper Nails with Magazines! (with WATER!)

Newspaper Nails with Magazines! (with WATER!) Tube. Duration : 5.42 Mins.

READ THE DESCRIPTION BOX (FAQ): MY ETSY: My Original Newspaper Nails INFORMATION video: Newspaper Nails TUTORIAL: Newspaper Nails with PRINTER paper: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS!: Do I have to use white? -NO, it can be any color. The ink will show up better on lighter-colored nails. Can I use comic strips or pictures in the newspaper? -Yes, if from a newspaper. Can I use printed paper from a computer? -YES. Here's my demo: Does the ink come off with nailpolish remover? -Yes, it will. Do I have to use a top coat? -Yes, I HIGHLY recommend it. Can the magazine be double sided with ink? -Yes, it can. It will dye your fingers though. *Watch in 720p Keep in touch! :D Twitter: Instagram: Formspring: VLOG Channel: LovingEco (Natural version of Hautelook) SPECIAL VIDEOS: -WHY I WENT NATURAL: -Going Natural! How/Where to Start?: -Easiest Item to Switch to Natural!: -Ingredients to Avoid: -Guide to Natural Makeup (Starter Kit): -Skincare Routine (Beauty Breakdown Tag): -My Everyday Jewelry: Disclaimer: I purchased everything myself. These are my honest opinions and I am not being compensated. Music used with permission from

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