Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mimaki JV5 printer Series

Mimaki JV5 printer Series Video Clips. Duration : 4.20 Mins.

Large and grand format solvent inkjet printer The JV5 series large format inkjet printers offer a combination of high speed performance and excellent print quality. With a top speed of 58 m2/h and quality prints at 40 m2/h, the machine is made for both immediate delivery and high-volume production. The JV5 series include the grand format JV5-320S for large outdoor signs. The JV5 series is also available as dye sublimation printer. Features: -4 staggered high speed print heads (per head 8 lines of 180 nozzles) -Incredible high speed at 40 m2/h in quality mode -The Uninterrupted Ink Supply System (UISS) -Automatic nozzle checking unit -Strong automatic media feeding system (

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